The Buzz Our customer's words about their recording experience at Soundesign.
Our clients are our most important asset. We strive to provide them a great creative environment. From television and film sweetening to music recording, Soundesign has a great reputation. Here's what some of our clients have to say about working at Soundesign Recording Studio:

"Thanx to everyone at Soundesign for puttin' the fun back in music!"
Jonathan Edwards

"Billy Shaw has repeatedly given me great results. Whether recording a rock band, my solo projects, or film scores, he has always had great intuition about my goals and helped me reach them easily."
September 22, 2011

John Putnam

"In the late nineteen hundreds I had the pleasure of recording four albums with Billy Shaw at Soundesign Studios. It has been a blast. The piano is great, the engineers are great; they've got running water and my own personal refrigerator powered by a chevy 409 engine and they can record music in all twelve keys."
Terry Adams-NRBQ

"For two years, I was the Executive Producer of a nationally syndicated radio program called US Ear: The New Music Review. Radio production is a demanding task. Soundesign had the time and space for our production on a weekly basis, and Billy Shaw was great to work with. He was able to take original sound and craft it into an entertaining award winning radio magazine. US EAR received a Silver Award from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for technical excellence and original concept. I have Soundesign to thank for the technical expertise."

Frank Hoffman
Independent Radio Producer

"Billy Shaw's Soundesign Studio is exceptional in every way. I've done six recording projects there. He's got all the equipment I ever needed from hi-tech recording/mixing/mastering gear to high quality instruments on site. The studio is a dream to work in; one huge room, three other large spaces, and one small booth. I can bring in my quintet, have each player's sound be isolated while being able to see everyone as we play. My projects sometimes involve unusual instruments and I'm pretty demanding about the sound I want to get. Never a problem. There's a clean, well designed hang-out space with couches, fridge and tables, and the control booth is perfectly set up for whatever I've needed. The vibe is great, and Billy is a great engineer. Pleasant, tireless, knowledgeable, helpful, dependable, and I enjoy working with him. Everyone I've sent there has loved it too. It's my favorite studio on earth...Seriously". October 4, 2011

Tony Vacca
Musician, composer, producer; Owner/director of World Rhythms; Co-director of The Senegal-America Project

"We have been recorded 20 full length albums at Billy Shaw's Soundesign Studio over the last 27 years, half for the Amidons and half for New England Dancing Masters. The atmosphere in the studio is professional and friendly; perfect for making recordings that are creative, musical, and have a high production value. The high quality of our lifetime of recordings at Soundesign has had a significantly positive impact on our careers as musicians, educators and publishers." October 3, 2011

Peter Amidon
Traditional dance, children's music, choral music - leader, educator, publisher - choral arranger/composer

"NRBQ's Terry Adams introduced me to Billy Shaw/Soundesign Studio as THE place to record music. I have recorded 3 albums with Billy, a great engineer and producer with decades of experience and countless fine productions on his resume. Soundesign is a fine, state of the art studio situated in lovely Brattleboro in southern Vermont - a uniquely comfortable, creative environment. I give Soundesign my highest recommendation and look forward to recording there again. I am happy to provide further information on my fine experiences at Soundesign to any interested parties." September 22, 2011

Pat "P. J." O'Connell
Independent Music Professional

"Recording with Billy Shaw at Soundesign was an absolute honor and privilege. Billy is everything you could want in a producer and engineer. Aside from being an all round lovely guy, He has worked with some of the most important musicians of the last few decades. He has all the technical chops and beautiful gear anyone could possibly require and possesses the rare skill of being able to pick up on a song's idiosyncrasies and exploit them sonically to produce something profound."  Graham Brooks, guitarist -Atlatl

“Billy's a great guy and engineer who will do whatever it takes to get the right results." September 22, 2011.

Richard Davis
Professor at Berklee College of Music

"My name is T-Bone Wolk. I'm a bass player and producer. I have recorded and toured with Hall and Oates, Elvis Costello, Shawn Colvin, Carly Simon, Billy Joel to name a few, as well as being part of G.E. Smith's Saturday Nite Live Band for 7 years. I've worked in just about every studio from New York to LA to Tokyo to London. But let me tell you about my favorite studio: Brattleboro, Vermont's Soundesign. It's my home away from home. I can ride my bike to work! You want 32 track digital? Got it. You want 16/24 track analog 2 inch? Got it. Great collection of vintage mikes. Outboard gear? CDburning? Got it. How about a Hammond organ, Estey pump organ, Farfisa organ, Lowery with beat box and a great Yamaha grand? Got it all! Amps, got those too. Hey, if you ask nicely I might let you use one of my vintage basses I used on those great big 80's Hall and Oates hits. In town within a minutes walking are an award inning micro-brewery, restored deco hotel, New Englands' biggest & best natural foods supermarket & cafe AND over a dozen great restaurants to chose from. We got coffee bars on every block, or order in like the NRBQboys do, and your table for eight awaits you in a the cozy lounge. There's no fruit basket like at the Hit Factory, but hey they charge big bucks for that anyway. I dare you to find a better studio for the money anywhere in the USA! Did I mention the great professional staff for all your recording needs? You owe yourself a visit to Brattleboro to check out Soundesign. you won't be disappointed."

T-Bone Wolk

" Billy owns and runs a very fine recording studio. As a fine musician himself, he is a delight and relaxing to work with.brings a finely-tuned ear to the recording task and knows his equipment backwards and forwards to produce the sound quality you want but might not have known you could produce. I am always impressed at how up-to-date his studio remains. You can always count on the best and latest technology to be used. September 22, 2011

Tony Barrand
Professor Emeritus, Folklore of Dance, Customs and Music

"Billy baked and digitized some fragile 20-year-old 24-track tapes for me and he did a great job. I also produced a CD at Sounddesign studio and while Billy was not the engineer, the engineer he provided was easy to work with and did a nice job. There's great depth in Billy's knowledge of recording, he's easy to work with, and has a good sense of humor. September 22, 2011

Louis Erlanger
Executive With Expertise in Intellectual Property, Merging Entertainment and New Technology

"I first started working with Billy way back in 1980, when his studio was located in an old barn in Putney, Vermont. Back then, it was a 4-track recording studio.He had a great room, great equipment, and much more expertise than anyone else in the area. Also, he was a lot of fun to work with! Since that time, I'm no longer an active working musician, and have been running my own guitar shop for nearly 25 years, so I haven't worked with Billy in some time, but I do regularly refer anyone I know who's looking for a great recording experience to Billy at Soundesign. September 22, 2011

Jeff Firestone
Guitar Shop Proprietor

"Billy is a down to earth, knowledgeable gentle soul. Working with Billy was smooth and transparent. I would suggest Billy as a recording engineer to anyone in the business. Recording at Soundesign Studio was seamless and timeless. I look forward to returning in the near future."

Cinnamon Blair

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